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Family Circus Redone

An interesting rewriting of some Family Circus comics with my favorite below, but be sure to check out the rest here.

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Minimalist Tarantino Posters

Here is the collection, and a particularly good one below, very cool idea.

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Rare Pictures of Celebrities

I have seen a lot of these but there were a couple of cool newbies too. Particularly George Clooney as a kid and who knew there was an actual pic of JFK and Marilyn Monroe snuggling? Jackie had to have been pissed!

Wilkinson Treehouse

Check out this gallery of the ridiculous Wilkinson Treehouse, which seems to be one of the most amazing treehouses I’ve ever seen as you can see from the outside picture.

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National Penguin Awareness Day

Apparently today is National Penguin Awareness Day, and I would have to say penguins are one of my favorite animals, so spread the word and here is a picture to remind you how awesome penguins are.

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How to make a Michael Cera Movie

I guess someone let the secret out.

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Illustrated Celebrity Tweets

Found this website, and some of these are pretty hilarious, as shown from the illustration of the Nick Jonas tweet below.

Via TweetMuseum

One Letter Changed Gallery

Gizmodo has a collection of Photoshopped pictures of products that would be drastically different if just one letter had been changed in their name. One of my personal favorites is below, the ingenious Kegway.

XBOX 720, PS4?

A couple of designers took a stab at what they thought the next generation of game consoles will look like, with a cool example below of a potential PS4.


Via Business Insider

Burj Dubai

Apparently the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, gets struck by lightning pretty often.

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Celebrity Name Changes

Who knew so many celebrities changed their names so drastically? By the way I want to date Jennifer Anastassasakis.

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Glory Days of the Hells Angels

Interesting photo essay of the glory days of the Hells Angels. In an interesting side note, I think Southpark would be much more hesitant to call these guys fags.

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Photos of Abadoned Soviet Military Bases

Eric Lusito has traveled all around Eastern Europe photographing the once hidden military world of the Soviet Union.

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