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Nathan Barrett does Mario

One of our favorite people, Nathan Barnett, is out with a new video dancing as Mario this time.

The Only Thing I Subscribe to on YouTube

In case you haven’t seen the amazing work of Trale Lewous or the other Nathan Barnatt post I put up here again is why this man is a genius. I think the Keith Apicary character might catch on in a big way pretty soon.




Nathan Barnatt Does it Again

Alright it’s official Nathan Barnatt is officially the best dancer I have ever seen. If you haven’t checked out his character Trale Lewous do that first and then enjoy the greatness that is this dance video. He also does a kickass Madeon remix dance video, yes that 17-year old French prodigy of a producer Madeon.

Trale Lewous and His Love of Skittles

I don’t know if you’ve heard Nathan Barnatt’s character Trale Lewous or his Skittles commercials, but they are wonderful and as a thank you they have sent him a Skittles covered boombox and it’s only fitting he thank them, also BRUNE!

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