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Harry Carey / Lumineers Mashup

I’ll tell ya, that man missed his calling as a backup singer! All those years riding Mark Grace’s coattails wasted….

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Krasinski vs. Fallon Lip Sync Competition

Jimmy does a good job with the finger wiggle but Krasinski is an old pro and in my humble opinion takes the cake. The Boyz II Men at the end is just too good.

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Great David Foster Wallace Speech

If you haven’t read any of his work they are definitely worth the time, and in this at least currently not well known commencement speech David Foster Wallace delivers a great message:

James Franco Between Two Ferns

Galifianakis is back with another installation of between two ferns and this time he’s brining along Lonely Island with their new music video. Definitely worth a full watch and hey… Ed Norton.


Yu Darvish is good at baseball

Shout out to Drew Sheppard for putting together this gif of Yu Darvish’s different pitches. The consistency in his throwing motion is just unbelievable.

Slow Mo Tuning Fork in Water

If you haven’t already seen some of their videos you really owe it to yourself to watch the huge water balloon explosion we posted. And now they are back with a simple tuning fork in water, I give you the slow mo guys:

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Smell Yo Dick

Wow, they really come correct in this one

Morgan Freeman and the Tarsier

Damn look at those eyes!

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Crazy Russians

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Bay Bridge Time Lapse

Well it certainly doesn’t feel like it has moved fast, but this time lapse shows there actually has been a ton of work done on the new bay bridge so far.

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Drunk Uncle Supercut

Bobby Moynihan has been quietly killing it with his drunk uncle guest on SNL’s weekend update, want proof? WELL FINE THERE HERE YOU GO!

Have been to busy to post for a while, but this seemed worth it:

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HUGE Water Balloon Explosion

It starts getting good around the 1:40 mark when they start jumping on top of this enormous water balloon seeing if they can break it.

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Thrift Shop

Love this video and the concept, and yes he does look fucking awesome in some of that gear

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Zach Galifianakis As Jimmy Fallon Interviewing Jimmy Fallon as Zach Galifianakis

After his primtime music special Jimmy Fallon just keeps on coming up with great stuff.

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